Sunday, August 25, 2013

About Last Semester... (Egg Renderings)

Right, we're going to do another sort of "Time Warp" (Let's do the time warp agaaaaiiiiin). Right, so like the last time I'm just gonna upload a lot of images of scans of my work. Only since there are so many of these that I'm just going to group them into different categories starting with...Egg Renderings!!!

It's just a simple graphite egg rendering right? I think I got this...

Oh, so you think you got this huh? Well how about you trying painting it now in acrylics?!

Still think you got it?!? Well then paint a black egg on a black background!!

Please! I yield, I yield! No more!
Oh we're just getting started!!

I wonder if any Daleks want these eggs? (Asylum of the Daleks anyone?)

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