Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekly Update #2

Last week I finally got enough time to participate in Campus Movie Fest and was somehow able to shoot and edit a short in a very short amount of time. I don't think its the best thing that I've done, but needless to say I'm proud of it...even though I lost a lot of sleep and had to work really hard to make sure I was caught up with all my classes. This week is pretty much the same situation (least in the sense that I'm losing a day because of pre-planned appointments) so gotta make sure I'm finished with everything that's due before then. Kind of looking forward to next week because of this actually, since that's when I stop having to lose a day to do some other pre-planned thing in my schedule.
Needless to say, last week was rather rewarding, especially on the weekend. I was working on my drawings in Perspective, and I think I'm getting the hang of it. However, on Saturday my computer decided it would be nice to install some new updates and not save a very important document that I had been typing up, let alone auto saving it. I'm still a little bit befuddled about the whole incident because I could have sworn that I had saved it several times before it did that. Anyways, had to retype it from the very beginning, which needless to say, took a REALLY long time to finish.
I think I'm getting a little bit better at my figure drawings, thought its definitely something that I have to keep practicing, because right now its very "hit and miss" with my figures. Though I'm gonna do my best to get these drawings down ASAP!
Well, back to work, next time then.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Weekly Update #1

I'm in the middle of doing some thumbnail sketches of some Cube Cities, when I thought it'd be nice to write something on here. I'm gonna give this a try of updating this with a weekly the end it might end up being monthly updates, but we'll see.
Anyways, over the past couple of weeks I've been learning all that I can from my classes about Perspective, technique, and Figure drawing. Its mind-boggling how much I still need to learn as well as how much I have learned. I mean this past week it suddenly occurred to me that I've only really been drawing for little over a year now.
I've been declared as an Animation/Illustration major for a little over three semesters, but I'm not counting the first semester because there was only one class out of the three that I was taking where I felt that I was really improving on the minimal skills that I already had. The only times where I've done anything directed towards drawing is the occasional doodles in classes and a few summer art camps that I took when I was younger. Looking back now, I wish I had stuck with doing those art camps...might have learned a little more.
But getting back on track, going back and taking one of the new introductory courses which is a Light and Optics class, has really shown me that there are a lot of introductory skills that I have been missing. I'm learning more and more every day and I'm always so excited to continue learning! But its not just that class, its also the advanced figured drawing class that I'm taking. Truth be told, my figures are still terrible (not as terrible as before mind, I am improving!), but I'm always excited to go in and learn more, even if the class is really long and a lot of work and really early in the morning.
Speaking of working, I need to get back to doing these thumbnails. Yeah, I know this post is pretty much all over the place, but I just felt like writing some thoughts down. Maybe I'll be a little more on topic next time. Until then!

tl;dr: I feel I made the right choice and I really want to stay here and learn more!