Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Campus Movie Fest

So CampusMovieFest has finally made the short films submitted public. So if you want to see the short that I made "Dinner for Dummies", then here is the YouTube link:

If for whatever reason that link is not working, then you'l have to resort to watching it on CMF's personal YouTube channel or on their website. Here is the link to the short on their website (which can also take you to the YouTube link if you despise the layout there):

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the short that I made! It was a lot of fun and a lot of hard work but pretty worth it I would say. Will definitely do it again next time round! As well as participate in the 24 Hour Animation Contest (here's my friends' entry its pretty awesome!).

So I'm really tired right now but still got a lot of work ahead of me. Time to keep pressing on! :D

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Weekly Update #4

Quick Weekly Update Notes Stuff:

  • Brace Yourself, Busy Weeks Are Coming.
  • Learning More About Drawing (I think I'm seeing a little bit of improvement in my figures...but I'm not satisfied. IT NEEDS TO BE BETTER!).
  • I need to continue practicing drawing!
  •  Lighting is really confusing.
  • Still worrying about applying for the BFA program....scary stuff!
  • Hanging with Friends outside your Major gets really difficult because of scheduling issues.
  • Listening to Music is Awesome! Especially original Film and Game soundtracks. Currently listening to the Dead Island Trailer many feels :'(  (Attempting to "Glove" (light shows) is really relaxing too)

This update is a little earlier than the last one since tomorrow I'm going to be working on several assignments from my Light and Optics class and won't get a chance to write anything. Actually, I'm about to work on an essay for my History class (grrrr...) that's due tomorrow, which is kind of a nuisance because I fell a little behind on my G.E. course work because I've been working on the courses that are directed towards my major. Why? Well, because I need to be really focusing on those classes so that I am learning the necessary skills needed to go further in the program. I could rant on and on about G.E. courses, but for one thing I feel I need a little more concrete evidence to support my points and two, I just want to keep this post short.
Anyways, another busy week has come and gone and started again. Hopefully this is only because we're in the middle of the semester...

See You Next Time!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekly Update #3

Okay, so a little different than the last two updates. Well for the most part at least. This week I'm a little less busy and yet I'm still going to be busy. I spent the entire weekend inside the Art Building on campus, that was an interesting experience. Not too many people around so early in the semester so was alone in the entire building (thank god I didn't play "Slender"). Anyways, most of the time that I was in the Art building was taken up with rendering in graphite. I'm starting to learn why people hate rendering in graphite...

Oh by the way, the video that I mentioned in last week's post currently belongs to CampusMovieFest, so they get the say as to whether or not I am allowed to upload the video anywhere public (i.e. Facebook and YouTube). They mentioned that once they have decided on the winners, they will make all the videos public and that should be in about a week and a half (I hope!). So I guess I'll link the video here once I am allowed to do that. Sorry, would like to link it now, but rules are rules. So sit tight! Maybe I'll upload some drawings to keep it interesting?

Till next week!