Friday, August 30, 2013

Second Digital Painting

This is another 90 minute Digital Painting assignment from my advanced painting class. Gosh, this week has just been so....mind bending. Wouldn't that be an awesome power in Avatar? Instead of elemental bending you could also mind bend? You could like create illusions to work against or for your opponents. I guess that's kind of a more offensive skill than defensive. Sorry, tangent. Anyways, here it is. I'll be honest, I really wish I was better at this, but that can only happen through practice so until such time that I do get better you'll have to deal with these....practices.


Onward to practice!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Attempting to Paint Digitally

So the mark of a new semester, I'm taking an advanced painting class this semester as well as an introduction to modeling in Maya. I am both terrified of the idea and incredibly excited about taking these two classes. I mean of course I'm taking two G.E. courses. Anyways, I don't have that much experience with painting digitally so this was an interesting assignment to do. We had to copy the painting (not paint over it) to the best of our abilities for 90 minutes. And this was the result.

landscape 8-21

Copy (no real need to point it out but thought might as well):

I'll be honest, this wasn't all that great, fun, but definitely not great. But the idea is to keep getting better at it throughout the semester! :)

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hello Alpha!

This is "Alpha". He is my new desktop computer that I constructed during the summer.
So why is he called Alpha?
Well for one thing I love Greek lettering.
For another this is the first computer that I ever bought all the parts for and constructed.
And finally, Alpha has blue lights and a computer so I thought of Church (or as he is now known as Epsilon/Alpha) from Red vs. Blue so I figured it was appropriate.
Just gotta keep him away from team killers....
A list of all his parts is after the break.

About Last Semester... (cont.) (Maya Final Reel)

So can I do animations in Maya now?
Yes, you can!!

Alright you guys, this is it the final part of my wrap up of last semester. This is my final animation reel for my introduction to animation in Maya class and I have to say I am quite pleased by how my animations all turned out! Enjoy and on to the new semester!

About Last Semester... (cont.) (Maya Hands)

But isn't Maya about 3D animation and modeling?

The "x's" just mean I chose to model that hand on the hand rig that we had (sorry don't have any images of that)

About Last Semester...(cont.) (Flowers)

Flowers!! You must paint them!!
Yes, I know I was just getting to that.
Alright this is the final wave of pictures of my paintings from my painting class. I have to say I've really improved from the first day of this class. To my painting instructor, you are an amazing person and I feel so lucky to have you! I'll be sure to make visits! Here is the last wave!

I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I hadn't slept for a long time and-

Okay you guys, just a note, if you're going to attempt something new that you've never tried before, don't do it when you haven't slept for a long period of time otherwise the quality in your work will dive down. Learn from my mistake.

See what happens when you are rested?

And that concludes the painting portion of "About Last Semester..." Next is animation in Maya!!!

About Last Semester... (cont.) (Still Life Project)

Alright, so this was the main project of the semester (we're getting close to the end now!) which took several weeks to complete. I'm quite happy with it! Of course there is still a lot to improve upon, but for the most part I feel pretty good about it.

First we drew out our thumbnail of our still life.

Then we painted over our thumbnails to get a basic idea of how we wanted to paint our final piece. (I chose the last one)

And once we have chosen the scheme that we want we go ahead and paint it! Pretty neat huh!

About Last Semester... (cont.) (Hourlies)

Is that even spelled correctly?
Who cares you're doing em!!
Right, so like it says, these are paintings that were done in an hour. They aren't on very big boards if that concerns you.
Right, first wave of "hourlies":

Second wave of "hourlies":

Third wave of "hourlies":


About Last Semester... (cont.) (Shell)

Okay, I'll try-
Ack! Alright! I WILL paint you a shell.
Do you have to do that whole-

About Last Semester... (cont.) (A Certain Color Palette)

So for this next one we were-
You will paint using the Zorn Color Palette!!
Yeah that. In order of the way it was done these are a copy of one of Zorn's works, an apple, and a couple of tomatoes in a bowl with a tomato on the side with a stem attached.

About Last Semester... (cont.) (Draperies)

So we moved onto draperies, man really wishing I updated this more often then people could see how my work really progressed. as the weeks passed by rather than suddenly seeing me improve...or maybe I'm just that good....nah I'm far from that, definitely took a lot of time and effort to do this stuff. Stop stalling!! Sheesh okay okay. Draperies!

You will start out with a simple diaper drapery graphite rendering!!
Like this?
Yes!! Now do a tube drapery graphite rendering!!
That doesn't sound so bad I guess...
 Haha, you know I really thought that on the last one you would make me paint-
...I spoke too soon...
Can we move-

I think you can see improvements from these scans, sorry I don't have more can't seem to find many of them.

About Last Semester... (cont.) (F.P.E.I.A.R.L.T)

Better known as, First Painting Ever In A Really Long Time.

Probably should have put this up first but oh well too bad.'s not pretty.


About Last Semester... (Egg Renderings)

Right, we're going to do another sort of "Time Warp" (Let's do the time warp agaaaaiiiiin). Right, so like the last time I'm just gonna upload a lot of images of scans of my work. Only since there are so many of these that I'm just going to group them into different categories starting with...Egg Renderings!!!

It's just a simple graphite egg rendering right? I think I got this...

Oh, so you think you got this huh? Well how about you trying painting it now in acrylics?!

Still think you got it?!? Well then paint a black egg on a black background!!

Please! I yield, I yield! No more!
Oh we're just getting started!!

I wonder if any Daleks want these eggs? (Asylum of the Daleks anyone?)

New semester, good and bad beginnings

Well, needless to say this semester hasn't exactly had the easiest of take offs. For one thing I fell sick during the first week of school, can you believe my luck? And for another, well let's just leave it at something else happened that sort of shook me up quite a bit. I'm better now from both but not entirely, but getting better!
Anyways where to start, where to start? Well for one thing I'm terrible at keeping up to date with blogs, so I'll make it up to you guys by uploading some pictures of stuff that I've been doing in school! Isn't that exciting?!?
Right we've got a WHOLE lot of catching up to do so here goes!