Friday, December 19, 2014

Final Projects

Hello! Long time no post. Well, as per usual, here's is one of the times that I post up my work from the semester. This semester I got to practice with Flash and continue animating in Maya. Certainly had quite a bit of fun this semester and I can't wait for next semester to start! Provided that I get my classes of course...still on the waitlist.... Anyways, hope you enjoy my final projects! You can watch them here past the break or catch them on YouTube with the hyperlinks provided.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Fruits of Our Labor

Picked the apricots off our tree at home. Luckily we didn't suffer heavy losses from a squirrel attack so we were able to get quite a considerable amount. Still have some apricots left so more picking! Shame about our cherry trees and orange tree though....oh well. See more pictures after the break!

Final Projects

Alright here are the final projects! Had a lot of fun working on these! Catch them after the break! Or I guess you can just get em HERE and HERE.

Final Reels

Another semester has come and gone! A little late, but here are reels from my animation classes! Most you have probably seen so I'll be uploading another post with just my final projects (the post above this one....). They're right here past the break!
Hope you like 'em!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Throw Animation

Stewart's trying to throw a grenade. I'm kind of okay with this one mostly because I was able to do it relatively quickly (had to restart because first version was just a mess) but there still needs to be a lot of work done to make it work better. I'll be sure to post up the final result of both this one and the jump animation once I'm done with them.

Character Emote Change...

This animation will probably end up being my claim to fame. Yep this right here is what all my classes have taught me over the last couple years. All boiled down into one four second animation. ....Just letting that sink in right now....Anyways here it is:

Monday, March 31, 2014

Jump Animation

This semester if full on animation! Having so much fun with it! Hooray for 3D animation! I need to go back and polish this more but I'm pretty happy with it! The rig's name is Stewart and was provided by Animation Mentor.

The Tiger and the Robe....

Some other animations that I did this semester.
I think I'll let the title explain the rest of this post.
Tiger walk here, robe is after the break!

Simple Tests...

Back in the animation pencil test lab and redoing tests that I did from about two and half years really goes by fast. Anyways, these are simple tests just wanted to put them up because why not. What's really cool though is seeing these animations and putting them side by side with the ones I did from those years ago in Ani 28. Kind of a motivational booster. Anyways simple tests!
Ball Bounce (Nice and easy to start us off):

Brick Drop (Fun but that spin at then end was annoying though):

Flour Sack (Had a little trouble trying to push that ending, may revisit):

Paper Drop (Well this was fun...):

In-Class Quick Animation (Had to do it in one class sitting):

Winter Sketchbook

Sooo I haven't posted on here in a while, and perhaps it would be best to maybe give an update....or something? Kind of late but eh I'm still not really used to the whole post stuff on blogs yet. Maybe one day...
Anyways, Sketchbook! Here's a couple pages from it that I had some fun doing.