Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekly Update #3

Okay, so a little different than the last two updates. Well for the most part at least. This week I'm a little less busy and yet I'm still going to be busy. I spent the entire weekend inside the Art Building on campus, that was an interesting experience. Not too many people around so early in the semester so was alone in the entire building (thank god I didn't play "Slender"). Anyways, most of the time that I was in the Art building was taken up with rendering in graphite. I'm starting to learn why people hate rendering in graphite...

Oh by the way, the video that I mentioned in last week's post currently belongs to CampusMovieFest, so they get the say as to whether or not I am allowed to upload the video anywhere public (i.e. Facebook and YouTube). They mentioned that once they have decided on the winners, they will make all the videos public and that should be in about a week and a half (I hope!). So I guess I'll link the video here once I am allowed to do that. Sorry, would like to link it now, but rules are rules. So sit tight! Maybe I'll upload some drawings to keep it interesting?

Till next week!

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