Monday, June 2, 2014

Final Reels

Another semester has come and gone! A little late, but here are reels from my animation classes! Most you have probably seen so I'll be uploading another post with just my final projects (the post above this one....). They're right here past the break!
Hope you like 'em!

ANI 114 Final Reel
Animation Pencil Test Reel from 114. Love you guys!

Videos in order of appearance:
Ball Bounce
Brick Drop
Paper Drop
Sack Drop
Water Balloon Drop
Animal Walk Cycle (Tiger)
Personality Walk Cycle
Personality Emotion Change

Sack Pantomime

ANI 128A Final Reel
Final reel for my ANI128A Digital Animation class. Had a lot of fun in this class! The first section is of poses that I had to recreate, following that are quick studies, after that are my animation tests (a side step, a jump, and a throw). Next is my contribution to my group's scene for our class's final project which then follows after that. ANI128A peeps, had an amazing time with all of you and looking forward to continuing through the program with you guys! You guys rock!

Stewart Rig provided by AnimationMentor
Malcolm Rig provided by AnimSchool

I want to go back and fix some things in the animations above, some of the animation is a little...ehhhhh. But as soon as I fix or redo em I'll let you know!

Animation Mentor. Downloaded at - See more at:

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