Monday, June 2, 2014

Final Projects

Alright here are the final projects! Had a lot of fun working on these! Catch them after the break! Or I guess you can just get em HERE and HERE.

ANI 114 Sack Pantomime
30 second Final for my ANI 114, a sack pantomime! Objective was to make the sack act according for our scene, in this case a sack bumping into a statue and catching it. Sacktue is a brilliant play on words of sack and statue, don't deny it. Had to use After Effects to do some of the statue tipping over because I was short on time. Wish this was a little better, but I'm happy with it. Thank you all and a big shout out to my ANI 114 crew! You guys are awesome! (2014)


ANI 128A Pizza Delivery Underwater
A pizza delivery guy starts up a pizza store that delivers any time any where, but is he prepared for the places that the job will take him? In this scene he is tasked with delivering a pizza underwater.
Shots 1-3 done by my group mates (Neal Salud, Dezerey Rosales, and Moon Wang). Great job you guys!!!
Stewart Rig provided by AnimationMentor
Rig or Material used with permission (© Animation Mentor 2014). No endorsement or sponsorship by Animation Mentor. Downloaded at - See more at:

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