Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Technical Failings

Sony could you betray me in my hour of need?
I suppose this morning was the perfect application of Murphy's Law.
Here I am, putting together my shots for my final reel for my animation class, when wouldn't you know it, Sony Vegas crashes on an Alpha PNG file. Just couldn't read it, and crashed. So I start the project up again, and the same thing happens again. Odd. It shouldn't be having this problem. I start up the project a third time. I drag the file in, save the project, and wouldn't you know it, Sony Vegas crashes once again. Only this time, it's still processing the image, so when I open the project up again, it immediately crashes. I can't open the project anymore and I have to start all over.
After much sobbing at my desk, I finally pull myself together and assemble the pieces of my final reel. I of course omit the cursed PNG file and after a bit of time I was finally done.
Sony Vegas. One of the few programs that I am completely faithful to and it failed me in my hour of need.
Oh well, it's all in the past now. I'm over it (mostly). Only one final left to go. Hurrah!
I'll be posting up my final reel and projects in a short while.

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